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Therapeutic dentistry - is designed to carefully protect and maintain healthy teeth, as well as to eliminate the existing problems. Among its tasks also include:

  • Ttreatment of caries and non-carious lesions of teeth
  • Treatment of acute and chronic pulpitis
  • Treatment of acute and chronic periodontitis
  • Treatment wedge-shaped defect
  • Retreatment root canals
  • Restoration of decayed teeth

And so let's see what dental caries, pulpitis and periodontitis is:

Caries – is a complex, slow current and slowly developing, the pathological process in the hard tissues of the tooth, which first developed in the form of spots on enamel, and then moves on to the dentin with the formation of a cavity in the tooth. Not timely treatment of caries leads to pulpitis.

Caries growth:

  • dark spot
  • surface caries
  • average caries
  • deep caries

Pulpitis – is an inflammation of the neurovascular bundle of the tooth (pulp). In common - inflammation of a nerve. Most often, inflammation of the pulp starts after hitting the root canal microorganisms or other irritating factors (toxins, acids, alkalis, etc.) as a result of deep caries, when between root canals and dental caries cavity tissue thins. Inflammation leads to swelling of the pulp, which constricts blood vessels and nerve, that causes sharp pain and blood circulation. Infection can enter the pulp retrograde (from the roots) in chronic sinusitis or pulp adjacent teeth. Sometimes pulpitis develops after exposure of the root canal due to mechanical trauma (fracture of the root part, the crown broke off, etc.)

Periodontitis – inflammation of the periodontal tissues, tissues that surrounding the tooth root. Cause of this disease:

  • pulpitis
  • tooth trauma
  • sepsis

In our clinic, after examination, the treatment plan is drawn up indicating the cost of services.

e use advanced treatment technologies , provide a wide range of services to provide therapeutic care:

  • Treatment of carious and non-carious lesions of teeth with aesthetic filling materials narrow focus. We use only proven in the market of dental products and filling materials of foreign manufacturers. Aesthetic restorations for anterior teeth, special materials for high strength posterior teeth
  • X-ray diagnosis of diseases of dental system
  • Using cofferdam to isolate the tooth row
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment) using apex locator - a device for determining the length of root canals
  • Treatment and prevention of diseases of the mucosa and parodontium
  • Professional hygiene using ultrasound unit and special paste, tooth hypersensitivity treatment
  • Whitening home and armchair (in the dental chair, under the supervision of a doctor)

Do not stay with your problems one by one! Affable and friendly staff at our clinic are always ready to help you!

City Kyiv, street Donetsk 8/10, Solomyansky district
Mon-Fri 9:00 - 20:00
Sat 10:00 - 16:00
Sun - closed
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