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Kyiv, str. Donetsk 8/10
(099) 251-61-43
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City Kyiv, street Donetsk 8/10,
Solomyansky district

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Dental implants
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Implantation - is a modern, safe, proven and effective method of restoring lost teeth, their functionality and aesthetics.

Implants can not only restore the integrity of the dentition, but also effectively restore function lost teeth due to the possibility to take the load of almost 100 percent. While leaving adjacent healthy teeth integrity.

Implants can get rid of removable structures also substituted teeth implants are no different from the feelings of your loved teeth.

Implant helps to prevent loss of bone tissue. Bone loss leads to a change smile line. In addition due to the mobility of teeth between them may appear intervals. Broken facial contour, diction.

In our clinic we use high quality and time-tested implants.

Options implantation used in our clinic:

  • two-stage implantation
  • one-stage implantation
  • direct implantation

In some cases, the implant requires additional manipulation:

  • increase the volume of bone tissue
  • gums plastic

More detailed information you can get during a consultation in our clinic. Do not lose your taste for life because of lost teeth!

City Kyiv, street Donetsk 8/10, Solomyansky district
Mon-Fri 9:00 - 20:00
Sat 10:00 - 16:00
Sun - closed
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